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Around the globe a powerful shift towards healing is accelerating and as men we cannot stand on the sidelines. We have choices to  make and inner work to do. Are we willing to exit an unsustainable path of superficial masculintiy? Are we prepared to look at the problems caused by short lived material gains, control, competition and violence and enter a new era of spiritual brotherhood? A spiritual brotherhood that can enable us to find our real purpose and to evolve on every level - personally, professionally and spiritually.

Daniel Marty and Paul King are gathering a select group of men who want to take the next step in their life's journey. During a 4 day experiential retreat on Orcas Island we will learn, share and grow through powerful conversations, exercises and activations. This process will enable you to clearly see if the trajectory of your life is still aligned with the values and aspiration you hold dear to your heart.

These retreats are a starting point and our vision is that these groups will continue to work together remotely to allow these relationships to develop, go deeper, and continue to improve with each other.

Expect a balance of personal growth, meaningful conversations, networking with holistic men and free time to relax and explore the breathtaking beauty of Orcas Island. Pick the date that fits your schedule as we are starting two independent groups in 2018!

When:                June 4-8, 2018 / September 10-14 (Monday-Friday)
Where:              Orcas Island
Lodging:            Outlook Inn, 98245 Eastsound WA
                            (individually booked - not included in retreat price)
Cost:                   $ 895     Early Bird Discount
                            $ 1095  
Space:                12 participants / RSVP
Facilitator:         Daniel Marty & Paul King
Registration:     Email:   [email protected]
                            Phone:  206.718.7078
Included:           2 Delicious organic, vegetarian dinners
                            1 Private dinner at a surprise Island home
                            3 Fresh, healthy breakfasts
                            3 Morning Meditation and Holistic Exercise Classes
                            1 Phone coaching interview prior to the retreat
                            3 Morning Group Programs
                            3 Evening Programs 
                            3 Afternoons to explore Orcas Island
                            Networking with a selected group of men

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My name is Daniel Marty and thanks for visiting our site. I was born and raised in Switzerland - best known for chocolate, cheese, mountains and Roger Federer. Equipped with a formal education in fine carpentry and a bachelor in education, I spent most of my working years teaching in classrooms or designing and building stuff that's made of wood. In my late twenties a powerful spiritual transformative experience sparked a quest for deeper meaning and purpose in life. That continuous journey of personal growth led to intensive healing retreats and advanced education in coaching and organizational development as well as aquatic body work, non-violent communication, conflict management and most recently holistic wellness yoga.

I believe that this multifaceted background fueled by a lifelong commitment to move  inward and forward - personaly, professionally and spiritually, enables me to help my clients successfully to do the same and shift towards a healthier, happier more purpose driven life - but you'll be the judge of that.

In 2006 I moved from Switzeerland to the United States and live now with my wife Jodi on Orcas Island. An island that everyone wants to visit in the summer and only a few in the winter. Together we are running, a successful vacation and retreat destination, providing people from around the world an opportunity to rejuvenate and restore body, mind and spirit.

I look forward to your call and get to work with you on your next step. What you don't see on this website is some exciting retreats that are just around the corner. You'll find them on:

Keep growing
Daniel Marty

For life coaching call:                      206.718.7078     
Or email:                                           [email protected]

Daniel Marty
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"Our highest calling is to evolve from a fear based way of living into a joyful, soul inspired life.